What's your specialty? Tell me what makes your business stand out, and we can develop the best possible trove of photos for you

One of the hardest things about marketing is creating content. No matter how well you do your job, it's necessary to establish a media presence that includes a visual depiction of some aspect of your work. Creating a library of photos to use in annual reports, investor updates and of course, to use on social media is a challenge not to be taken on alone. Erin McClain Studio can help. I've taken classes specializing in product and food photography, and I can create custom photos to help populate your social media feeds, add content to your website and increase the value of any report.

I've got a lot of tools of my disposal, and I can help create the mood and image your company wants to project to their target audience. As an experienced stock photographer, I also know how to create images that can be used broadly, and still retain a sense of cohesion and personality.

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