Erin's Lightroom Presets Collection I

Artistic Tools for Photographers

I make tools for photographers like me -- people who want to take their photos to another level. Lightroom Presets help you do this in one quick click. Presets help you add a distinct theme by coordinating color and giving you that first layer of editing. 

Textures can help add, well, texture to an image. Not just texture, but the feel of a more artistic, painterly image, the inclusion of subtle words, brushstrokes or grain can make an everyday picture become more magical. Every photo has captured a moment, but not all of them are memories. Using tools like textures and presets you can take the everyday and turn it into something that merits more than just a second glance.


Textures were my favorite tool to work with when I first starting taking photos. Why? Because they were drag and drop layers in Photoshop, which I was new at, but it felt like I had so much control! Even if my photos weren't what I wanted when they came out of the camera (spoiler alert, they weren't, I was just learning), I still was able to make my images into art that I was actually proud of. 

I came to love textures for more than just the control they allowed me to have over an image once it was out of the camera. Textures add that artistic oomph to a photo  and make it turn from simply pretty to beautifully nostalgic or brightly whimsical.

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