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I don't just love taking photos, I love art!

Lots of my photos aren't just to document your special occasions, they're for inspiration. Photography helps me create the colorful, floral motifs that appear in a lot of my paintings -- I just can't help it, I love flowers! In the pursuit of finding beautiful gardens, I've traveled to so many great places. My favorite so far has been The Mount -- the Berkshires home of author Edith Wharton.

Fabric design is a fun part of my artistic process as well. I've got a whole gallery on Spoonflower full of my own artistic designs. If you're interested in making your own, give Spoonflower a try. There's also a very  helpful class on Creativebug led by industry experts   that has been of immense help to me on my design journey. Check out my Spoonflower gallery here.

My fine art photography and prints of my paintings are available for purchase using the shop link. If you're interested in putting my work into a gallery or buying original paintings, please contact me by email. I'm always willing to work with you to reach your goals, and payment plans are available.

Previously my art has been displayed in a group exhibition at Karlsson Fine Arts Gallery in Avon, CT and published in the inaugural issue of the magazine Swamp Ape Review.

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Fabric Design is a mix of many art forms

My fabric designs are available on Spoonflower. Here's a preview gallery of the many designs I have available for purchase. Spoonflower is print on demand, so every purchase is custom made for the order. View my Spoonflower gallery here.

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